Saturday, 13 October 2012

Where is View Scale List???

In Revit 2012 and older release while creation of Elevations, Sections and other views we have a view scale list at option bar with the help of that we will be able to define a view scale of view before creations.

But now in Revit 2013 you are not getting this option. Due to some conflicts with view template this option have been removed from option bar while creating a views.

 The view scale now you need to define after creation of view. 

Revit 2013 Crashes at Start

Last week I deployed a Revit AR/ST/MEP 2013 image. After installation of Revit , as I start the application, I got the below error saying "Revit Stopped Working".

Error Description was:

Faulting application name: Revit.exe, version: 2013.0.2012.221, time stamp: 0x4f445896
Faulting module name: Utility.dll, version: 2013.0.2012.221, time stamp: 0x4f4454eb

I am getting this error for all three Revit. Initially I thought this error is because of .NET framework so I Uninstalled all Revit application, .NET framework. Then updated .NET framework and again installed a Revit. But the issue was not resolved.

So I checked with some default applications such as AV, Device Lock, some custom script. Out that I found that the application "Device Lock" was obstructing the application. So I uninstalled a Device Lock which is used to disable USB Port. After removing device lock Revit starts working smoothly.

In case if you have same issue check out with your ":DeviceLock" application..

Monday, 1 October 2012


        I came across this tool through a Rahul Shah's Blog. It looks quite interesting BIM world. This is cloud base energy analysis tool.

       Sefaira Concept enables architects and project teams to create better performing buildings with a powerful web-based sustainability analysis platform. It performs whole-building analysis of energy, water, carbon, and renewable energy potential, while an intuitive interface allows for fast, iterative exploration of design options.

         Concept allows you to combine creativity and analytic insight to design buildings that are both elegant and highly sustainable.

          Sharing below some quick pin points of application. All these are taken from Sefira site.

Rapid energy modeling
Get rapid feedback on whole-building energy use, carbon emissions, and utility costs

Integrated water analysis
Quickly investigate measures for water reduction, graywater reuse, and rainwater capture

Import building geometry
Create models in SketchUp, then upload them directly into Concept


 You can find more details about it from below link

The AEC Bytes article.