Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Import a AutoCAD file to Revit

While importing a AutoCAD in Revit some of a times we received a error message as shown below

Aftertwards if you check out a impoted a in a Revit it shows you huge extent of impotred file.

This issue you can't fix it with Revit.To fix it you need to go to your AutoCAD file.

This error occurs becaue of 

1. The insertion point of any of block is far away from a inserted location.

2. The center point of a arc is a far away.

3. X-clip binded block contains a objects which are not within a extents.

The major cause of this error is a center point of Arch. In order to fix your drawing,you always start with a Arcs of a drawing.

Before importing a file to CAD always check :

1. Units of a drawing.

To check units of a drawing go to for classic menu Format → Units. or for Ribbon / Application Menu go to  Application menu→Drawing Utilities→Units or use shortkey UN.

The best way use keyboard shortkey.

Your Revit and AutoCAD drawing units should be identical.

2. Set a drwaing limits. To set drawing limits for classic menu go to Format→Drawing Limit or use shortkey LIMITS.

3. On and Thaw all layers then zoom  a drawing to extents.It should show whole drawing fit to model space. If it is not visible properly then remove unwanted entities which are away from your drwaing.

4.Purge and Audit a drawing.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Room/DoorRenumbering for Revit

This plugin can be used to renumber or re-assign the "Number" properties of rooms and spaces or the "Mark" property of doors and windows in the order that the user selects while avoiding duplicated assignments. The command allows the user to specify the starting number with the option of the prefix and suffix added.

The supported application for this plug in are:
  • Revit 2012
  • Revit 2011
You can download it from below link:

Autodesk Lab Plug In Link 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Whats New In Revit 2012???

The new features of Revit 2012 are now available on below site.

What's New in Revit 2012

The 2012 download is available for subscription users.