Monday, 12 December 2016

Scope Box Greyed Out on Plan


Scope box option under extents greyed out of Plan instance properties as shown below:

This usually happens when you edit the crop region boundary.
The solution to this is reset the crop boundaries.
To reset crop boundary follow below:
      1.     Select a crop boundary
2.     Go to contextual tab
3.     Click on “Reset Crop”


Thursday, 8 December 2016

Revit Family Reload Error


Sometimes after editing a family you will not able to load a family. Revit gives an error as shown below:


An error occurred in family "XXXXX.rfa" that cannot be automatically resolved.
Error Information:

"Last type in system family 'Stacked Wall' cannot be deleted."

After this error the user needs to cancel a reload.

I looked for journal files, it gives me below:

< DBG_WARN: Family contains category id -2009633, gstyle type 2, gstyle id 483342.  That category id and gstyle type map to a gstyle id of invalidElementId in the project.  (In practice, this is most commonly caused by a mismatch between the version number passed to addNewGStyles and the version number in the table in ProjectStyles.cpp, due to an incomplete renumbering of an upgrade.

So as per this I searched for id 483342 element. Surprisingly in my titleblock family it's showing this ID for Analytical Braces. I selected it and deleted this blank element. Afterwards I tried for Purge and auditing a family. But still facing same issue


This issue occurs when upgrade a family to Revit 2015.


 The Autodesk has solution as per below link:

As I mentioned above this solution didn’t worked for me.


After several trials, I have a got a simple workaround to this. You need to just transfer object styles from Family to Project using “Transfer Project Standards”.

I know that many of us already upgraded to Revit 2016 & Revit 2017 version. But in case if you have any project going on Revit 2015 and you come across such error, follow the workaround.