Thursday, 30 December 2010

Selection Base Filters

In Revit Structure 2011 now we are able to create a selection set. There are two type of selection set
                1. Selection set by single selection
                2.Selection set by Filter

To create a selection set by Single Selection:

1. Make a selection of  element which you need to be select a repeated times.

2. Then go to Manage >> Selection >> Save Selection

 3. Enter a name for your selection set.


Now your selection set is saved which can be used repeated times.

To create a filter based on multiple selections: 

1.Click Manage >> Selection >> Edit

2.In the Filters dialog, click New.

3.In the Filter Name dialog, enter a name for the filter, select , and click OK to enter Edit Selection mode.


[ NOTE : While creating set for a multiple selection you will get three options 
                1. Define criteria : You can set a criteria for your selection.
                 2. Select : You need to select a components for a your needed set.
                 3. Use current selection : It will consider your current selection. ]

4.In the drawing area, use the following tools to define your filters.
       •Click Edit Selection Set  >> Edit Selection >> Add To Selection to select elements
       • Click Edit Selection Set >>Edit Selection  >> Remove From Selection to deselect an element.

[Note: Select Multiple on the Options Bar to select multiple elements. Click Finish on the Options Bar to accept the multiple elements, or Cancel to deselect them.]

5.When complete, use the following tools to exit Selection mode.
      • Click Finish Selection to save the selected elements for the filter.
      •Click Cancel Selection to exit selection mode without saving the selected elements for the filter

6.Click OK in the Filters dialog

To Load a selection set :

1. To load your selection set go to Manage >> Selection >> Load Selection 

2. In the Retrieve Filters dialog, select the name of the filter to use.

3. Click O.K.

To Edit a selection set :

1. For editing of selection set go to Manage >> Selection >> Edit Selection

2.  From filter list select the your selection set which you want to edit then click edit.


3. After that you will get a edit selection set tab over Ribbon.


4. During editing you will be able to add or remove components from your selection set.

5. After editing click finish selection to exit editing mode.