Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Keyboard Shortcuts with Revit 2011

In Revit 2011 On the User Interface tab of the Options dialog box is a button that enables you to customize your keyboard shortcuts. 

Clicking this button activates the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box. In this dialog box you can filter the commands to make the list easier to manage and edit. You can even filter by specific tabs or menus.

Shortcut :
You can access the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box by clicking the User Interface button on the View tab. There is even a keyboard shortcut for the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box, KS.

You can sort the list in ascending or descending alphabetical order by clicking the desired column. Once you have located a command that you want to create a keyboard shortcut for,you can select the command to activate the Press New Keys window at the bottom of the dialog box.

Input the desired keys that will activate the command. You can input up to five characters for a keyboard shortcut.

Reserved keys cannot be used for keyboard shortcuts; you can find the reserved keys using the filter in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box. Click the Assign button to apply the shortcut to the selected command.

You can create multiple shortcuts for a single tool, and you can use the same shortcut keys for multiple tools. When you create a shortcut that is used for multiple tools, you must use the status bar to determine which tool to use when working in your project.

When you type the shortcut,the first matching command will be displayed on the status bar. You can use the up or down arrows to cycle through available commands for the shortcut. Once the desired command is displayed on the status bar, you can activate it by hitting the spacebar.

You can remove a keyboard shortcut from a command by selecting the specifi c shortcut and clicking the Remove button as shown above.

You can export your keyboard shortcut settings by clicking the Export button at the bottom of the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box. This will save your settings as an .xml file that can be edited using a spreadsheet program. Using a spreadsheet is another way to manage and share your keyboard shortcuts.

The .xml file can then be imported into Revit using the Import button, allowing you to set a standard for keyboard shortcuts in a multiuser work environment.


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