Friday, 16 June 2017

Synchronization error due to System Volume Calculation

       Long time back I have come across an error while synchronizing to central. As I hit STC it gives me message saying below:

            Cannot synchronize with central because System Volumes are calculating"

         As per Autodesk’s solution given on below link, we have to set calculations option for systems.
      I have followed this solution but it didn’t worked for me. After doing some diagnosis I have found that if end a process called “Revit Worker.exe” from task manager you will be able to STC.

         In case if  you have come across same issue and the solution provided by Autodesk Knowledge base it didn’t worked for you then you can try above solution


Monday, 12 December 2016

Scope Box Greyed Out on Plan


Scope box option under extents greyed out of Plan instance properties as shown below:

This usually happens when you edit the crop region boundary.
The solution to this is reset the crop boundaries.
To reset crop boundary follow below:
      1.     Select a crop boundary
2.     Go to contextual tab
3.     Click on “Reset Crop”


Thursday, 8 December 2016

Revit Family Reload Error


Sometimes after editing a family you will not able to load a family. Revit gives an error as shown below:


An error occurred in family "XXXXX.rfa" that cannot be automatically resolved.
Error Information:

"Last type in system family 'Stacked Wall' cannot be deleted."

After this error the user needs to cancel a reload.

I looked for journal files, it gives me below:

< DBG_WARN: Family contains category id -2009633, gstyle type 2, gstyle id 483342.  That category id and gstyle type map to a gstyle id of invalidElementId in the project.  (In practice, this is most commonly caused by a mismatch between the version number passed to addNewGStyles and the version number in the table in ProjectStyles.cpp, due to an incomplete renumbering of an upgrade.

So as per this I searched for id 483342 element. Surprisingly in my titleblock family it's showing this ID for Analytical Braces. I selected it and deleted this blank element. Afterwards I tried for Purge and auditing a family. But still facing same issue


This issue occurs when upgrade a family to Revit 2015.


 The Autodesk has solution as per below link:

As I mentioned above this solution didn’t worked for me.


After several trials, I have a got a simple workaround to this. You need to just transfer object styles from Family to Project using “Transfer Project Standards”.

I know that many of us already upgraded to Revit 2016 & Revit 2017 version. But in case if you have any project going on Revit 2015 and you come across such error, follow the workaround.


Friday, 4 October 2013

Worksharing Monitor Start Up Error

If you are using worksharing monitor, sometimes after start it doesn't open. Simple way to fix it is:

1. Go to task manager.

2. In task manager go to processes tab.

3. In processes tab search for a ".net.exe".

4. End process this this exe.

Now worksharing monitor starts properly.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Revit: What’s new in Revit 2014?

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

practical BIM: What is this thing called LOD

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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Where is View Scale List???

In Revit 2012 and older release while creation of Elevations, Sections and other views we have a view scale list at option bar with the help of that we will be able to define a view scale of view before creations.

But now in Revit 2013 you are not getting this option. Due to some conflicts with view template this option have been removed from option bar while creating a views.

 The view scale now you need to define after creation of view.