Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Roombook Extension for RAC 2011

Autodesk released a new extension for Revit Architecture 2011. In morning I read a post of it on Steve’s Blog.

This extension is available only for subscription user. You can download it from your subscription site.

What is use of this extension?

The Roombook Extension for Autodesk  Revit Architecture 2011 software helps calculate the surface area of walls, floors and ceiling elements, room circumferences and the total number of furnishing elements within a project.

In addition to the automated detection of room areas and surfaces, this extension helps users configure these elements manually to local requirements, as well as achieve more accurate model take-offs. Quantified results can be exported to Microsoft  Excel  and Autodesk Quantity Takeoff.

The installer is available for 32 Bit as well 64 Bit O.S.
Currently, the Roombook is available

  •  in English and German language,

  • including the International Project Standard and the German VOB Standard.

The install kits are multi-language:

  • Each kit contains all languages and all project standards

  • At run-time, the user can switch between the languages and project standards

If OS is English, then the Roombook is installed with the English UI language and the International Project Standard as default .

Standards :

Extension have default two standards :
1.       Intenational  : Real Quantities

2.  VOB Standard (Germany) : opening measurement system, defined in Construction Contract Procedures 
Both standards are included in the program. The user can decide which standard to use, and also switch the standard

Workflow for Extension :

Base requirement to run the Roombook is a floor plan with walls and rooms. Floors, ceilings and furnishing elements are optional, they are only calculated if existing.

1.       Create a floor plan with rooms
2.       Set your current calculation standards
3.       Click calculate Room Quantities

1.       4. All calculated quantities are listed per room and per category. Select the room and the category to view.

Apart from automatically detected elements, it is also possible to manually add further elements.

1.       5. The calculated room quantities can be exported:
- To Excel: this starts Excel and the data is written into a predefined template.
- As DWF file for further use in Autodesk Quantity Takeoff
- As CSV file.



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